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Infinitive or gerund. Упражнения с ответами. МЕТКИ:exercises grammar.Упражнения на герундий и инфинитив предлагаются с ответами для самоконтроля. Надеюсь, Вам понравиться. 7 Gerund, infinitive and participles. 8 Passive. 9 Indirect speech. 10 Purpose.15 Future forms. 16 Conditionals. 17 Gerund, infinitive and present participle. 18 Unreal pasts and subjunctives. 19 The passive Exercise 154. INFINITIVE and (d) is a PASSIVE GERUND.

This is corrected in later printings. . EXERCISE 9, p. 332. Passive and past forms of infinitives and gerunds.EXERCISE 10, p. 333. Using gerunds or passive infinitives following NEED. (Chart 15-5). Passive Infinitive And Passive Gerund - Продолжительность: 12:16 Ng php Ting Anh - Trng hc Trc tuyn Si Gn 7 239 просмотров.Passive Voice Exercises - English Practice - Продолжительность: 11:32 Anglo-Link 475 825 просмотров. Просмотр содержимого документа «GERUND and INFINITIVE».

GERUNDS.Before doing the exercise, read the instructions. ( Перед выполнением упражнения прочтите инструкцию.)( Он планировал учиться за рубежом.) Indefinite (Simple) Infinitive Passive [to be V3]. Passive Infinitive And Gerund Exercises Violet.Вопросы и ответы по ключу "passive infinitives and gerunds exercises" Exercise 1: Supply an appropriate form for each verb ( passive or active/ gerund or infinitive). 1. I dont enjoy (laugh) at by other people.Exercise 2: Rewrite each sentences using passive gerund or passive infinitive. Translate the verbs. VERB GERUND.2. Verb gerund verb to infinitive. avoid deny give up put off risk. arrange choose deserve manage threaten. Exercise 1 for the use of infinitives and gerunds after common verbs. Упражнение 1 на употребление инфинитива или герундия после употребительных глаголов.Passive Voice. File Name: Passive Infinitive Gerund Exercises With Answers PDF Size: 46399 KB Category: Kindle and EBooks PDF Uploaded: 10 May 2016, 13:32 PM KB Last download: 52 Minutes ago! Passives with Infinitives-Gerunds. Infinitive Passive. Expect, hope, like, need, prefer ve want gibi fiillerden sonra baka bir fiil geldiinde to infinitive kullanlr. Active : I dont want to disturb you[A1]. Infinitive gerund exercises. Check the correct answers to this exercise ».This exercise can help you check your knowledge about using gerund and infinitive.Passive voice. Prepositions. Pronouns. Verbs that can be followed by both an infinitive and a gerundEXERCISE CHOOSE THE RIGHT FORM OF THE VERB 1. I am keen on work/to work/working in the computer industry. 2. Amy decided see/to see/ seeing a doctor. Упражнения для проверки и закрепления знаний пассивного залога английского языка. Gerund and infinitive in passive voice.Fill in the gaps using passive gerunds and infinitives. Verbs Followed by Gerunds Infinitives. In English, if you want to follow a verb with another action, you must use a gerund or infinitive.(gerund verb ing) (infinitive to base verb). There are certain verbs that can only be followed by one or the other, and these verbs must be memorized. Download and Read Passive Infinitive Gerund Exercises With Answers.Follow up what we will offer in this article about passive infinitive gerund exercises with answers. You know really that this book is coming as the best seller book today. DONE) Participles: Present participle (e.g. DOING) Parts of Speech (aka word classes, e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) Passive voice or active voice Past continuous (progressive)Free ESL resources. » Projectables. » Grammar Powerpoint presentations, exercises: Gerunds and Infinitives. "Gerund Infinitive exercises" are another series of exercises that aim at helping learners master this lesson.Instructions for Gerund Infinitive exercises: write your answers in the comments so that we discuss them and correct if there is any mistake. Download zip of passive infinitive gerund exercises with answers.Discover the key to improve the lifestyle by reading this PASSIVE INFINITIVE GERUND EXERCISES WITH ANSWERS This is a kind of book that you require currently. Infinitive - gerund grammar exercises and rules are available for free on English grammar - verb forms ( In the passive voice the infinitive with to must be used after these verbs. She was seen to cry. GERUND - INFINITIVE GI 8 Gerund Or Infinitive Fill In The Correct Form. 1. We Encouraged Her To Succeed In Becoming A Top Player.14-4 Go Gerund 15-4 Passive Infinitives And Gerunds TENSES 1. Put The Verb Into The Correct Form, Present To get started finding passive infinitive gerund exercises with answers, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. Gerund and Infinitive Exercises - Quiz 1. Alis Story.Gerund or Infinitive? Parallel Structure. Passive Voice. Stuck with your grammar? Ask a Grammar Question in the Grammar Forum. Герундий vs. инфинитив - часть 2 (Gerund vs. infinitive).С остальными необходимо разбираться индивидуально. На тему различий герундия и инфинитива есть целых два урока Infinitive and Gerund. Passive With Gerund-Infinitives. passive voice.docx.Gerund and Present Participle Perfect Gerund and Perfect Participle. Cleft Sentences Exercises. The Passive Voice. Reading Games. Object of Preposition: Gerunds, not infinitives, are objects of prepositions. 332 UNIT 18. EXERCISE 1.F O C U S 2 Infinitives and Gerunds in. Perfective, Progressive, and Passive. form. EXAMPLES. Afternoon Exercises for grade 11 Part I. Passive Infinitive and Gerund. - Passive Infinitive l dng b ng ca ng t nguyn th. Dng. shoes need to be polished. Infinitive and Gerund.Gerund or Infinitive Exercise 2 answers. 1 We arranged to meet under the station clock at half nine. ( to meet ) 2 I always try to avoid seeing him whenever I can. ( to see ) 3 I long to be in Scotland again. ( to be ) 4 My Mum demanded to see the manager. ( to see ) 5 My brother Verbs with infinitive and verbs with gerund. Exercises for esl. .Free exercises to learn English online.Gerunds and infinitives - exercises. Grammar exercises - elementary level esl. Custom Search. What is the difference between gerunds and infinitives? When should you use each? Lets start from the beginning. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses. What is a Gerund? English Grammar Online Exercises and Downloadable Worksheets.Gerund and infinitive worksheets are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results.Passive Voice. Reported Speech. 1. passive ofinfinitives and gerunds review. 2. PASSIVE INFINITIVES: Why ?5. PASSIVE GERUNDS: Why? To change focus: Agent to Action I dont like Mom paying my brother to go shopping I hate my brother being paid for duties. Gerund and infinitive worksheets are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results.Gerund with preposition - GI 5. Mixed Exercises.Passive Voice. If-Clauses. Reported Speech. Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund. Infinitive or Gerund. Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitives. Learn more here.Passive Voice. Phrasal Verbs. Prepositions.GERUND. INFINITIVE. Is used when you lose the memory of something in the past. English Lessons and exercises on Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening and more on the internet. m2. Gerund - infinitive passive. Lessons. Bare infinitive (без частицы to) используетсяЯ должен помнить (не забыть) купить хлеба. doing (gerund).

помнить о произошедшем в прошлом. I remember meeting him for the first time. Gap-fill exercise. Rephrase the parts of the sentences with a passive gerund. Add a preposition when necessary. 1. She doesnt like it when people tease her. Gerunds and Infinitives Exercise 1. Verb ing and to infinitive after certain verbs. Check the list of verbs for this exercise. Click here to download this exercise in PDF with answers. Need more exercises? Try Perfect English Grammar Plus! Cambridge Dictionaries Passive infinitives examples. exercise to rewrite sentences (the answers appear written right after the exercise so donr scroll down until you have finished doing the exercise) Passive Gerund Universidad de Los Andes Facultad de Humanidades y Educacin Escuela de Idiomas Modernos. Gerunds vs. Infinitives: Exercises.A. paying B. to pay. IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form, gerund or infinitive, using the words in parentheses. Gerunds and infinitives complex forms. Simple, perfect, progressive and passive gerund and infinitive forms. Advanced English grammar exercises. GERUND AND INFINITIVES 1. I cannot (imagine work) with her. 2. Please, do not (hesitate contact) us.10. I dont have any (intention of hurt) my parents. PASSIVE VOICE 1. The game, probably, (will win) by the other team tomorrow. Unreal pasts and subjunctives. Exercise 151 1 left 2 had 3 had 4 had 5 had done 6 began 7 knew Shad 9 had asked. 10 did 11 had nibbled/had been nibbling 12 mended 13 were addressing 14 were.The passive. Exercise 154. 13 Gerund and Infinitive Exercises 1. I had to ask the boys (stop) (ride) their mini-scooters in the corridor. 2. Dont start (try) (learn) algebra before you have finished (learn) (do) simple things in arithmetic. Passive Infinitive and Gerund I. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D: 1. The new students hopeQung co. Hng dn s dng th vin. ng k Thnh vin trn Th vin ViOLET.Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence using Gerund 1. Alice made a mistake in her homework. Directions: Use the verb in parentheses to create a passive infinitive for each sentence or question. Example: The students hope to be given their own books. (give).Directions: Rewrite each short sentence or question using a passive infinitive Here is a useful worksheet activity to test students knowledge of gerunds and infinitives with to. Procedure. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Have the students complete each sentence with the verb in brackets in its gerund or infinitive form. Passive infinitives and gerunds. The passive infinitive form is used after modal verbs and other structures as going to, have to, want to, would like to.Gap-fill exercise. Fill in the gaps with the correct for of the verb. Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. This exercise includes examples of both ing forms, the gerund and the present participle. Either present participle or infinitive without to can be used after verbs of the senses. Put the verbs in brackets into a correct form.