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Port St. Lucie Temperature Yesterday. Maximum temperature yesterday: 88 F (at 3:47 pm) Minimum temperature yesterday: 63 F (at 4:35 am) Average temperature yesterday: 73 F. High Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks. Saint Lucia (St Lucia, St. Lucia) sea surface temperature in February.Saint Lucia cities and resorts with the values of the average water temperature in February for the last four year. WeatherSpark.com. St. Lucia. Castries.The time of year with cooler water lasts for 3.1 months, from January 10 to April 14, with an average temperature below 81F. The day of the year with the coolest water is February 20, with an average temperature of 80F. Average weather in Saint Petersburg, Russia in February. Climate, Average Temperatures, Rainfall, Wet Frosty Days, Sunlight Hours, Windspeed Humidity.Sunny (Cloudy) Daylight Hours. 14 (86). Sun altitude at solar noon on the 21 st day. Typical Weather in February.

Temperatures on St. Lucia during February generally vary between an average high during the day of 82.0 degrees and an average low at night of 76.0 degrees. The average temperature should be about 80-85 degrees.I have stayed in St. Lucia the entire month of February in 2008 and 2009 and I can say that typically you get plenty of sunshine and sometimes the typical 10 minute afternoon showers. Santa Lucia in february: average weather and climate.

Average weather throughout february. Weather at 7am. Temperature: 17C. Clear/Sunny 62 of time. The average temperature in St Lucia ranges from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius (72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) in the dry season, which lasts from December to May.The lowest temperatures are recorded in January, February and March, where it can get into the lower 70s at night. February is in the winter in Port Saint Lucie and is typically the 2nd coldest month of the year. Daytime maximum temperatures average around 24C (75F), whilst at night 12C (53F) is normal. Port Saint Lucie weather averages (imperial / metric). St. Lucia Weather. Saint Lucia Tourist Information and Vacation Guide.Average daily temperatures by month in Castries, St Lucia are as follows Check the monthly St Lucia weather averages, including the usual day-time maximum and night-time minimum temperatures, monthly rainfall figures, the average number of daily hours of sunshine and daylight.January February March. The average temperature in St Lucia ranges from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius (72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) in the dry seasonDecember, January, February, March, April and early May are an ideal time to visit St Lucia as the daytime temperatures are not too high and this is the islands dry season. The average water temperature in Castries (Saint Lucia) today is Today Thursday, 1st of March of 2018, the sun will rise in Castries ( Saint Lucia) at 6:20 am and sunset will be at 6:12 pm.January February March April May June July August September October November December. St Lucia February Temperatures.However when we consider St Lucia weather in March the rainfall figures are near identical with an average of 1.82 inches per day in February compared to 1.83 inches per day in March. Average minimum and maximum temperature in Saint Lucia (celsius). On average, the temperatures are always high.Monthly Average for Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia. February. March. April. Whats the weather like in St Lucia in February? Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, St Lucia has a tropical climate with consistent temperatures all year round.Averages. With an average temperature of 27C, St Lucia is hot yet bearable in February. With an average temperature of 25-31C, St Lucia is an all year destination with its coldest month being January when the temperatures drop slightlyIf you plan your holidays to St Lucia in February rest assured that the colourful independence day is a great chance to party along with the locals. Holiday Weather We provide temperature, day and night temperature, sunshine hours, rainfall and sea temperature averages for St Lucia, Saint Lucia in February. Average temperature Port Saint Lucie, FL[Resources]. Average high temperature in January: 74F.Average rainfall in February: 2.9". The average temperature in St. Lucia is 21.6 C. Precipitation here averages 1129 mm.February. Climate in February in Saint Lucia. In February the average temperature in Saint Lucia is like to be around -4.8 C. The average amount of rain expected next month is approximately 25.3 mm across an average of 6.2 days. The least rainy months are February and March, with approximately 50/60 mm (2/2.4 in) per month on average. Other coastal areas, such as the capital Castries, receive more rain, about 2,000 mm (79 in) per year, although the pattern is the same.Sea temperature - St. Lucia. Annual Temperature Average January Temperature Average February Temperature Average March Temperature Average April Temperature Average MayThe chart above shows mean historical monthly temperature and rainfall for Saint Lucia during the time period 1960-1990. You are here: Water Temperature > Caribbean > St. Lucia Water Temperature .St. Lucia 14 day weather forecast. 28. February. December temperatures in St. Lucia range from an average low of 77.0 degrees to an average high of 83.0 degrees. Great weather and dry conditions make December the start of the high season. On a typical December day during the early morning hours St. Lucia English.January. Average Low Temperatures. February. British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales. Average Temperatures in Britain.Highest recorded 32.9 C at Greycrook (Scottish Borders) on 9 August 2003. Lowest recorded -27.2 C at Braemar (Aberdeenshire) on 11 February 1895 and 10 January 1982. South Florida weather records include the counties of Broward, Collier, DeSoto, Highlands, Indian River, Lee, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, St Lucie and Sarasota. Average temperatures in February. High F. The weather in St Lucia in February is very similar to that of December and January relatively cool temperatures and light rainfall compared to the rest of the year. During this month, the average temperature for the island is 26.5C (made from highs of 29C and lows of 24C) Check more long-term weather averages for St Lucia in February before you book your next holiday to St Lucia in 2018.The average sea temperature in and around St Lucia in February is 26C (79F). The average yearly temperature on St. Lucia is 27c (80f) the warmest month isThe population of St. Lucia in 2005 was estimated by the United Nations (UN) at 163,000, which placed it atSt. Lucia became an associated state with full internal self-government in 1967 and on 22 February 1979 St Lucia water temperatures peak in the range 26 to 28C (79 to 82F) on around the 4th of February and are at their lowest on about the 3rd of August, in theActual sea surface water temperatures close to shore at St Lucia can vary by several degrees compared with these open water averages. St Lucia.The coolest month in Saint Anne Beach is February when the average maximum temperature is 29, average temperature is 26 and average minimum temperature is 23. The original capital of St. Lucia was known as Le Petit Carenage, but after severe hurricanes Castries was relocated to the present site in 1768.

The average temperature ranges from 70 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.This page was last modified on February 7th, 2018. More on Saint Lucia. The average temperature in Chicago in February is 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Средняя температура в Чикаго в феврале - три-четыре градуса ниже нуля. Temperature in St Lucia averaged 25.77 celsius from 1901 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 28.54 celsius in June of 2011 and a record low of 22.68 celsius in February of 1994. Best Time to Visit St. Lucia, Weather Other Travel Tips. People visit the beautiful island of St. Lucia throughout the year. The peak season is winter from DecemberIn February, the average high and average low temperatures remain generally the same at 84F (29C) and 73F (23C) respectively. The average daytime temperature rarely strays from 28C in St Lucia, apart from a small dip to around 25C in January and February. Holidays in St Lucia are popular between December and June, when rainfall is at its lowest (it peaks in October). St. Lucia Weather. Average Temperature in Fahrenheit.To St. Lucia Attractions and Sightseeing. The weather in St Lucia in February is very similar to that of December and January relatively cool temperatures and light rainfall compared to the rest of the year. During this month, the average temperature for the island is .C made from highs of C and lows of C Average daytime temperatures are around 29 C (84.2 F), and average nighttime temperatures are around 24 C (75.2 F). Since it is fairly close to the equator, the temperature does not fluctuate much between winter and summer.St Lucia beach February 2006. CASTRIES, SAINT LUCIA (14 metres). Month. Average low (C).SAINT LUCIA. Month. Sea Water Temperature C. January. 26. February. Holiday Weather - We provide weather averages for St Lucia Saint Lucia, average day and night temperature, sunshine hours, rainfall and sea temperature.September October November December. January February March April May June. St Lucia, South Africa February average sea temperature. Marine / ocean climate data updated daily, surface sea temperatures and recorded in degrees centigrade and farenheit.Average monthly sea temperatures in St Lucia. February.Did you know? The highest monthly average temperature in Port St. Lucie for August is 85 degrees.Mercury. 0.030. Average monthly Port St. Lucie temperature with heat index. St Lucia weather forecast updated daily. BoM weather radar, satellite and synoptic charts. Current conditions, warnings and historical records.Average February. 24.9 C. Among our chosen destinations (see below), the average temperatures youll face in February would be between 25.0C and 29.0C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 21C and high as 31C as observed in previous years.St. Lucia reigns in a tropical climate, tempered by the trade winds. St Lucia Average Rainy Days Rainsnow In Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Copyright The Year The Water Temperature Goes From 26 C 79 F In February And March To 29 C 84 F In September AndWhats the weather like in St Lucia in April?. stlucia. Severe weather watch issued for Saint Lucia. St Lucia. Indicators. Precipitation. Temperature. St Lucia. Latest. Reference. Previous. Range. Temperature. 26.00. Dec 2015.USD Billion. St Lucia Average Temperature was last reported at 26.00 celsius. When is hurricane season in St. Lucia?Related Videos. Full Answer. U.S. News reports that the average early morning temperature in November is 80.3 degrees Fahrenheit.